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Metal-plastic windows

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The use of metal-plastic windows is widespread around the world. Armenia is not an exception. They are relatively more affordable and have soundproofing and waterproofing properties. The FORMAL company produces metal-plastic doors, aluminum windows, and aluminum doors with high-quality metal-plastic windows with profiles of the German brand. In our company, you have the opportunity to choose colors in accordance with any interior decoration. The soundproof metal-plastic windows and heat-insulating metal-plastic windows vertical slide windows made by our company provide low heat loss and a high level of sound insulation. Heat-insulating metal-plastic windows will ensure a stable temperature, and sound-insulating metal-plastic windows will guarantee a quiet environment.

 The price of metal-plastic windows depends on a number of main factors. They are:

- the number of profile chambers
- type of glass
- the number of double-glazed windows
- size and shape of windows

When ordering windows from FORMAL, we will measure, design and install them free of charge, providing warranty service.

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