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Aluminum doors

Quality and durable aluminum doors

When it comes to the need for aluminum and metal-plastic doors and windows, and movable doors the choice is unequivocal: FORMAL company is the first among equals. Our production is organized on the principle of ensuring high quality of products and serving the customer individually. The production of aluminum doors is primary. aluminum is a durable, strong, light metal, and the profile made with it can be the best choice for making doors. It does not rust or corrode.

We produce two types of aluminum profiles: "cold" and "hot" or thermo. "Cold" type profiles have one chamber and low thermal insulation, and "hot" profiles have two or three layers, as a result of which your building is provided with insulation from external sounds and heat resistance, and the price of aluminum windows is according to your order. Sound insulation is important for human comfort and health. FORMAL soundproof aluminum doors and aluminum folding doors provide maximum protection. In the cold season of the year, the heat insulation problem can be solved by our energy-saving and heat-insulating aluminum doors, which reduce heat loss and ensure a stable temperature. Taking into account the characteristics of aluminum, our professional specialists offer various solutions for aluminum doors.

The price of aluminum doors, as well as the price of metal-plastic doors, depends on the color of the profile, the profile system, the type of hinges, etc.

When ordering windows from FORMAL, we will measure, design and install them free of charge, providing warranty service.

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Aluminum Slide doors

Aluminum doors are suitable for apartments, private houses, offices and large commercial centers.
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Aluminum Bi-Fold Doors

Aluminum folding doors are an original solution for small apartments and houses.

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