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Aluminum Bi-Fold Doors

Aluminum sliding doors - practical and light

Aluminum bi-fold doors have become the main part of modern interior decoration. They are stylish and safe because they are made of tempered glass. Aluminum doors are suitable for apartments, private houses, offices, and large commercial centers. There are internal and external sliding doors. Soundproof metal-plastic doors are an original solution to make the interior decoration of small apartments and houses more luxurious. And the folding doors are in the form of a book and an accordion. Their difference is the number and size of folding flaps, but the mechanism is the same. Aluminum double-leaf doors have a book structure, and those made with three or more leaves have the shape of an accordion.

Specialists at the FORMAL Company make bi-fold doors with full openings that work with sliding guides and shutters. Aluminum folding doors are installed quite easily and quickly, which cannot be said about the method of preparation. It is quite difficult to prepare because the calculations are done with detailed accuracy. That is the reason why not all factories in our market are able to get the quality that we offer. As a result of the correct consultation with our professional specialists, you will have folding doors suitable for the interior design of your space.

Measurement, design, and installation are done free of charge in a short period of time. Internal doors are mostly inter-room doors, and external doors are used when building large-scale buildings. Soundproof aluminum windows are quite easy to install and do not require additional construction work. Their price depends on a number of factors.

For details, we suggest calling 044 50 80 50. FORMAL company produces soundproof aluminum doors and high-quality aluminum sliding doors at high quality and affordable prices.

When ordering windows from FORMAL, we will measure, design, and install them free of charge, providing warranty service.

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