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Strong and flexible sectional shutter gates

The FORMAL company manufactures laminated gates with aluminum polyurethane filling and electric control. Polyurethane is a material with high elasticity and viscosity. It is used in the production of modern doors and windows, as it is able to bend under high stress and return to its original position without structural changes.

Layered Gates are used to secure the entrances to garages, private houses, warehouses and production areas. They provide thermal insulation and durability. The company manufactures glass facades and remote-controlled gates with high-quality features.

The price of laminated gates depends on the surface, gate color, remote control system, accessories and a number of other factors. We offer a wide range of roller gates with a high-quality remote control system, a high-power remote control motor and a wide range of colors. We also offer louvered gates and other modern facade constructions.

Our customers are already familiar with the FORMAL range of blinds. Remote controlled curtains are the choice of those who value comfort, roller curtains and layered curtains are also in demand. the space becomes more practical thanks to blind curtains.

Ordering production from FORMAL, we will measure, design and install them free of charge, providing warranty service.


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