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Aluminum windows

Aluminum windows - a multi-functional option

Due to their lightness, aluminum profiles are widely used in window production. Aluminum frames have a number of advantages compared to wooden and plastic windows:

- are durable
- last a long time
- are reliable

There are two types of profile systems made of aluminum: "cold" and "hot". Cold aluminum window profiles are single-chamber, they do not have sound insulation and thermal insulation. They are mainly used for glazing. Windows with "hot" aluminum profiles are produced in double and triple layers. The profiles are connected to each other with a heat seal made of polyamide, they are hermetic and durable. The quality of the glass is of great importance in the production of metal-plastic windows. We use quality glass of different thicknesses, with which we make two-layer and three-layer glass packages, and the price of aluminum windows is formed accordingly. On that basis, we offer soundproof aluminum windows, and energy-saving glass is the best for heat-insulating aluminum windows. These windows provide the best visibility and imperviousness to external influences.

Thanks to modern equipment, the company provides high-quality service. We offer modern design solutions and aluminum doors with a choice of colors. Along with choosing the shape of the windows, also vertical movable windows, you can also decide on the color. Using powder coating and anodizing technologies, it is possible to get a frame of any color that will match the exterior color of your building. The price of an aluminum window depends on the color of the profile, the profile system, the glass package, the type of hinges, and a number of other factors.

Ordering windows from FORMAL, we will measure, design, and install them free of charge, providing warranty service.

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